First Day of School

Seems like everyone has the jitters on the first day of school. Feels like a circus or Carnaval, at least until we get into the rhythm.Image

Student #1 – has sleepy eyes because he has confessed to playing video games until 6am and still made it to school before the bell rang

Student #2- has a perma grin on her face, and her hair straightened to perfection

Student #3- brought her backpack but nothing is in it but her cell phone is tucked in her pocket so she can quickly text her buddies sitting two chairs down from her

Student #4- is too cool to bring anything to school but his great charm and witty comments….

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sigh, highschool. the smells, the thundering rumble of chatter, the intense energy. It’s game time.

Keep Calm, Inhale, exhale, teach the students, not the textbook. Have Fun.


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